Our goal

The seneye device is revolutionising keeping fish by allowing dramatically reduced fish death.

The seneye allows fish keepers to truly understand what happens inside their aquarium or pond by monitoring the harmful parameters which aren’t detectable to the human eye. A seneye device dramatically improves the frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness of water sensing to ensure that aquatic life does not just survive, but thrive!

This technology protected by patents is totally automated, there is no impact on water life, it can be easily installed and simply used by customers.

Why seneye

Days when we looked at fish as something for consumption are in a distant memory. Evolution goes on and we can notice positive changes in ethics and laws to protect the animals.

In Seneye we strongly believe that too many fish are dying in captivity and with the help of technology and knowledge we can influence it.

Customers are often rolling in a circle of failure, mainly at new but also at well-maintained aquariums and ponds. Often confused with feeling they personally do anything wrong results in leaving their hobby behind them. We know how to overcome it.

Let´s have a look at water analytically. Seneye tracks critical parameters and in case of a need offers advice for that particular problem. It is time to make a decision and increase the aquarists´ success together with the length of survival of many fish and corals kept in captivity.

It is time to join the revolution.